Association structure

The WWS-WWC e.V. was founded in 1983 with the function as an international association for watersports. The association is composed of: watersports schools, water sports instructors and members.

Association structure

The Association are connected with sports departments, which are responsible for the organization and supervision of the association of water sports schools and instructors WWS. These sports departments are responsible for the organization and implementation of courses and sporting events.

The Association is responsible for the creation and distribution of educational material, as well as the control of the recognized WWS-schools and instructors .


For WWS-Instructors:   50 .- €

For WWS Schools:         70 .- €

Responsibilities of the WWS sports departments

As an international and independent Association, the WWS-WWC.eV. trains Watersport Instructors from all countries.

We offer:

• The ongoing support for WWS-Schools with promotional and educational material.

• Quality Control and assurance

• The education of Watersport Instructors

• The implementation of Modern Training Quality Standards in Watersports educational Training.

• The representation of our Instructros and WWS-Schools interests.

• Easy Pharaphrase or transcription and Registration of Instructor Licenses from other Associations .

The WWS Instruction Team

A highly motivated team with a passion for their sport.


The WWS Instruction Team

The Association’s Instruction Team consists of specially trained and qualified water sports instructors and educators. The Instruction Team teaches the Association’s instructors and develops the instructional materials, training guidelines and examination regulations.

WWS Instructors

WWS instructors who have the Association’s license and are recognised by the Association have completed practically relevant, extensive training and examinations in diverse water sports. Through their initial training and regular continuing education, the WWS instructors possess a high level of expertise in their sport and in teaching water sports students.

The teaching guidelines leave the WWS instructor sufficient leeway to design the courses to meet the students’ individual needs.



Zentralsekretariat WWS & WWC e.V.
board: Franz Thieme
Schnitzschulstr. 12
82467 Garmisch-Partenkirchen