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The waterproof Plastic Card with your photo and training status can be ordered from WWS-WWC e.V. in addition to the corresponding training certificate.

The Association

As an international and independent Association, the WWS-WWC.eV. trains Watersport Instructors from all countries regardless of nationality and language.
The Association is responsible for the organization and supervision of the association of water sports schools and instructors WWS sports departments . These sports departments are responsible for the organization and implementation of courses and sporting events. For the creation and distribution of educational material, as well as the control of the recognized WWS- schools and instructors

We specialise in water sports with a focus on the supervision of water sports schools and water sports instructors. We also work to further develop training standards and provide support when new WWS water sports schools are opened. Beyond that, we help other water sports associations with registrations and transfers of licenses.

The Association schools responsible for training water sports instructors are located in Germany and abroad and continuously offer license courses in the corresponding season.

WWS Basic Licenses



Find out more about the Basic Wingboarding License.



SUPing/stand up paddling/paddleboarding:

Find out more about the Basic SUP License.



Find out more about the Basic Windsurfing License.



Find out more about the Basic Kitesurfing License.


Sailing & Catamaran

Find out more about the Basic Sailing or Catamaran License.


Would you like to pass your expertise on to others? You can do this by getting an Instructors License!

A - Assistant
Instructors License

assistant instructor, Trainer. Especially for instructors under 18 years


B1 - License
Watersport Instructor - Trainer for Students

for Inland and Coastal waters


B2 - License
Supervising Instructor - School Manager

Advanced Skill-Instructor, Manager of your own WWS-School
for Inland and Coastal Waters.


C - License
WWS Head Instructor

WWS Head Chief-Instructor: WWS trainer, Member of the WWS & WWC e.V.’s Instructor College Team

E - Language Skills
(Additional License)

foreign language instructor



Training path / license levels:

A or B1 → B2 → C+ E

Water sport Schools

Click here for all the schools that are members of WWS & WWC e.V. The selection of national schools and international schools is sure to contain the right school for you at home or when on vacation.


Zentralsekretariat WWS & WWC e.V.
board: Franz Thieme
Schnitzschulstr. 12
82467 Garmisch-Partenkirchen