Windsurfing Basic License

From the WWS-WWC e.V. Association regognized WWS-WWC e.V. schools are accredited training centers for watersports.

As members of the Association the schools follow standard guidelines. The course ranges offered by the WWS-WWC-e.V. schools starting from beginners and advanced up to special techniques. The offered courses are split into training for children, youngsters and adults according to condition, and skill.

The internationally approved WWS-WWC e.V. Windsurfing basic License serves as a certificate of competency and is helpful for renting Windsurfing material. Numerous watersport stations in Germany and foreign countries require a Basic License.

The aim of the practically oriented training is to provide the necessary skills for the student to windsurf certainly and to be able to return to the starting point.


The exam for the international WWS-WWC e.V. Windsurfing basic license, contains a practical and a theoretical part. Parts of the practical Test can be checked course-accompanying.

Theoretical Exam
The theoretical exam consists of a questionnaire. The questionnaire covers the areas of material, general legal knowledge, Windsurfing theory, safety, nature and environment etc. If the result points are located in the lower limit, an oral examination may be performed with similar questions out of other questionnairs.

Practical Exam
The components of the practical test are beside the starting, steering and surfing in different courses, as well as rigging, crossing after luff, raising up the sail, basic position, board aim, Tack, Jibe and emergency stop. The exam should be carried out with a wind up to 3

Beaufort. The practical test is passed, if the student can certainly carry out the demanded manoeuvres and exercises. At the end the student must be able to return independently to the starting point.