Kitesurfing Basic License

From the WWS-WWC e.V. Association regognized WWS-WWC e.V. schools are accredited training centers for watersports.

As members of the Association the schools follow standard guidelines. The course ranges offered by the WWS-WWC-e.V. schools starting from beginners and advanced up to special techniques. The offered courses are split into training for children, youngsters and adults according to condition and skill.

Training Levels

Kitesurfing Passport

the WWS-WWC e.V. Kitesurf passport is an international certificate of competence evidence of the kitesurfing sport. This Kitesurfing license requires in comparison to the known basic notes from the windsurfing or sailing a much more extensive training period .

Depending on the individual learning progress ot the student, for each level requires at least 2 days practice time.

The License guarantees that any holder of this card have the necessary basic knowledge and skills to practice their sport carefully and with great consideration for nature and the equipment.

The training for the International Kite passport is divided into 4 levels. At each level there is a theory and a practical part and the student has to demonstrate his practical skills at the end of each level. For the theory there is of course suitable teaching material available.

For the entire Kitepass, four practical and a theoretical test are prescribed. Parts of the practical skill test can done during the lessons.

Level I
Basics: On the land
Safety Basics, Getting Ready , starting techniques , landing and steer the kite, theory.

Level II
The following skills should be at 2-4 Bft. be detected : Flight exercises relaunch from the water , body drag

Level III
Water start , going Downwind / Upwind, Keep Position to Wind, changing direction.

Level IV
Specialized knowledge and emergencies.